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Dog Breeds Quiz #1 - Interactive Game Book (dog Breeds For Kids)

Dog Breeds Quiz #15 Star Rating
Dog Breeds Quiz 1
"Dog Breeds Quiz #1 - Interactive Game Book (dog Breeds For Kids)" - Is Truly A Must Have Book

Your child will love Dog Breeds Quiz #1 - Interactive Game Book (dog Breeds For Kids). Written by Irina Arnelle and the publisher is Victoria's Publishing. This book went on sale around December of 2012. The child's book is 91 pages long. Though reading is something of which everyone will enjoy, there are definitely different ways which you may make the thrill a whole lot better. Look at these guidelines and you will then take pleasure in reading so much more.

The author for Dog Breeds Quiz #1 is Irina Arnelle. breeds quiz interactive book kids facts

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Publisher: Victoria's Publishing
Author: Irina Arnelle

The dog breeds and facts - quiz game book for kids; check how do you know dog breeds. Little challenging and fun ebook with picture issues and answers, and some interesting facts about dogs. This book was designed by 11-year-old Irina Arnelle, who really loves dogs and did a lot of research about them. Can be fun for each kids and adults.

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  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Num. Pages: 91

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