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Dog Breeds Quiz #2 - Advanced - Interactive Game Book (dog Breeds For Kids)

Dog Breeds Quiz #25 Star Rating
Dog Breeds Quiz 2
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Your children will love this great book. Written by Irina Arnelle and it was published on the 21st of January, 2013 by Victoria's Publishing. The book is 117 pages long. For more information on this child's book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

The writer for Dog Breeds Quiz #2 is Irina Arnelle. breeds quiz advanced interactive book kids

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Publisher:Victoria's Publishing
Author:Irina Arnelle

Dog Breeds Quiz #2 is an advanced level Interactive Game Book about dog breeds. Each question contains many images with related looking dogs to choose the proper answer. The Dog Breeds Quiz #2 game book was developed by 11-year-old author Irina Arnelle who loves dogs and did a great deal of investigation about  a lot of dog breeds. This kids ebook can be little challenging and fun for kids and grown ups who like dogs.

Features List

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Num. Pages: 117

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